Designing for Touch Interaction

One of the most fun and challenging exercise we did in the Digital Development Workshop was designing a concept for a smart watch app.

For this, I used jQuery to create navigation between screens and TweenLite for animation. 


Quick sketches for ideation:

Visual Design

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.03.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.03.19 AM.png

Touch Interaction Prototype

(Open in touch-based devices for best experience)

Happy 2013 from Godrej Hillside Colony, Mumbai

As designers say, "there's no such thing as a final product anymore and everything we create is a prototype for the next version of iteration." That seems to resonate well with how I look at life and career as well- thus the name of my blog. It's a spanking new 2013 and this blogging will be one of the many new things I try this year. I thought I'd always be an extrovert who lives to collect interesting experiences, someone who enjoys the exotic and unusual, hungry for something new and exciting. Now, I am exactly three weeks into my India Immersion Program and I am feeling about three folds more intense cultural, social, and professional shock than when I first went to junior high school in the States as a painfully shy girl with awkward Korean textbook English.
The four weeks of working with Godrej is a true transcultural design, organizational culture change, as well as an interdisciplinary collaboration. And on top of the working experience in the heart of Mumbai's industry, team Godrej has gone over and beyond to expose us to abundant collection of local scenes that I'd not have access to if I were to travel alone in India.  

For the past 3 weeks, I've felt from the confusion of reading Indian cultural cues to be polite and mindful while effectively communicating opinions about our project, adjust to the role of teaching the design methods and process to non-designers, manage expectations when we have limited time for a vaguely defined project with ambitious goals. As far as this type of transcultural environment, I realized the key is to make the team feel good and motivated no matter how frustrated or stuck we may feel at times. Also, even if one tries to predict the group dynamic taking into account their skill set, personality, and background, 1+2+4 is not always 7. I think it's more like making cocktails- you never know how it will taste until you mix it and take a sip. 

After a memorably beautiful New Year's Eve party on Godrej family's rooftop and a delightful first day of 2013, I am hopeful to be my positive self again tomorrow to gear into preparing our second presentation. One of the interesting conversations that arose over dinner with Jamie and Kyle tonight was that we all had one thing in common- we like to be the 2nd person in the team that supports the 'leader of the pack' while still having the room to be quirky and playful with our ideas. If I can make everyone feel confident, accomplished, and not to take themselves to seriously under the pressure tomorrow, I will consider myself successful in my role. Yes, things always look a little brighter when you have a good laugh with your team!