Hi, I'm Knowl

- a designer, prototyper & storyteller.

I originally studied Industrial Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and after working as a product designer, I realized my passion resides in finding out and communicating 'what people want, and how they should be designed.' 

I started learning Design Research by taking on any relevant tasks and roles no matter how small they were. I like to learn by doing, and I got to do exactly that while working at consultancies like Insitum (Chicago) and Continuum (Korea). After seeing the broad strokes, I started questioning the ‘why’ behind the seemingly useful methodologies and frameworks.

At IIT Institute of Design, I learned the theories and concepts behind the methods, and became confident adapting them or developing new ways to solve complex problems. I explored new topics and roles such as UX design for Healthcare, Service Design using public data, applying Social Science theories to Sensor-Based Research, and developing sustainable business models for Bottom of Pyramid community. 

I recently earned a Masters degree at IIT Institute of design with focus on interaction design and will join Philips in July as an Interaction Design Consultant. I am excited to apply everything I've learned in designing human-centered home health services, in close collaboration with designers, business experts, developers and engineers!